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    why the hell did we all learn the exact words

    "the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"

    I really do what I can to maintain a relatively normal personal life. It’s mitigated at times by people’s awareness of me, but I try not to let it stop me. I still take the subway everywhere I go and walk. I try to maintain a relative level of normalcy and keep my boundaries clear. My goal is to live a life that I can be comfortable with and happy with.


    The first trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron will air next Tuesday, during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (source)

    get to know me meme » five celebrity crushes » Emma Watson
    "I remember reading this thing that Elizabeth Taylor wrote. She had her first kiss in character. On a movie set. It really struck me. I don’t know how or why, but I had this sense that if I wasn’t really careful, that could be me. That my first kiss could be in somebody else’s clothes. And my experiences could all belong to someone else."

    oscar worthy


    "that’s a great suit, man!"

    How to be Successful as Each Type: INFP


    How are things going, way up there in dreamland? Reality must be a bore for you. When you have to engage with the real world, be sure to don your rose colored glasses so you don’t see it for the big stinking mess it is. With your ability to see good in everyone, there are no bad people. Strangers must truly want the best for you. Everyone is just like your good ol’ characters in that book you’re writing about a utopia. You tend to have a difficult time distinguishing feelings from facts. Feelings are your emotional associations with something, while facts are things that just ARE - they can’t be argued. On the bright side, you can bring emotional healing to even the most disturbed person. You know that emotionally wretched nincompoop who shouts obscenities? You can get to the root of his ailments and heal him from the inside out, turning him into a perfectly functional and normal human being. When you finish your book, you can be sure that it will ignite the imaginations of many readers. In the meantime, work on taking action to pursue your dreams, recognizing facts, and accepting criticism.




    I just learned that Nichelle Nichols ad-libbed “sorry, neither” in rehearsals and they were only able to sneak it by the censors because it wasn’t in the script and—excuse me I’m overcome with happiness because my favorite Uhura line of all time was actually written by Uhura.

    I will never not reblog this.

    Anonymous: Research Assignment Part 1 Sustainability/ Materials The materials used in the Engineering Design project will vary based on the individual problem, and how it may be solved. It is useful, however, to understand the materials that are used in the objects we may be working with. The solution for Brad’s problem of tying laces, for instance, may require the materials that are commonly used to create shoe laces. These materials include cotton, polyester, nylon and/or polypropylene.[1] There is a

    im gonna add this to my very limited collection of shoelace-related knowledge which, up until now, was comprised solely of the fact that the casing on the tip of the lace is called an aglet. :D 



    what even is this show

    These hearts adore
    Everyone the other beats hardest for
    Inside this place is warm
    Outside it starts to pour

    booissants: Dr. Martens® 1460 Mono Boots

    hot dang those are some nice shoes 

    *looks at the price*


    those are still some nice shoes

    dear cas,